The Preliminary Release

Acknowledged for his witty and energetic performances, Dancehall artiste Darrio is ready to show his fans a different side of him with his latest project, ‘The Preliminary’.


Executive Produced by Germaica Austria from Europe, the 8 track EP features two collaborations, one with upcoming songstress Kim Nain on the track titled ‘For You’ which is produced by Picante Music and another with veteran Reggae legend Everton Blender on the final track ‘Put in the work’ produced by Warrior Music Productions.

Other songs on the project include Turn It Up which is one of two high tempo tracks, Flyin’, I Can Do It, Mankind, Just for living and I’m Out.

Known for hits such as School Fee and ‘F.W.B.’ (Friends with Benefits) Darrio is excited and upbeat about the new direction of his career and his musical growth. He described the production as positive and smooth stating, “This is a more smoother side of Darrio in terms of delivery and song choices. We have 8 songs on it and none of them is a bruk out song with lude lyrics.”

He further shared, “The EP showcases the new direction in which my career is going in terms of more positivity and bringing more a that to my fans.”

In efforts to showcase his talent and his new work, Darrio hosted successful launches at100 Hope Road, Kingston Jamaica; and another at Bourbon Beach, Negril which featured a performance of the singles from the EP and familiar hits as well as appearances from a number of entertainers such as Rayvon, Mr. Lexx, Kenny Smith and Craigy T just to name a few.


Darrio is set to host another launch for ‘The Preliminary’ at Fellowship Portland on Friday, January 12, 2018, and he has hopes of doing another promotional tour in the United States. He is also gearing up for a European Tour which will take place March 1- 18, 2018. ‘The Preliminary’ will available for download starting January 12, 2018 on  iTunes and all major digital platforms.

Darrio running own show – upbeat despite not having a manager

Since parting company with the Subkonshus record label last year, dancehall artiste Darrio has taken management matters into his own hands with a team that “operates like a label and a PR company.

“It’s basically me just getting the job done, until mi get an official management contract,” Darrio told THE STAR.

Without any official representation, Darrio has created the Project Darrio Movement.

According to the artiste, though there is no official manager, the progress of his career has not stalled since severing ties with Subkonshus.

“With the Subkonshus label, the focus was not Darrio. So nuh matter how much you put in, you get the same result,” he explained. “It’s not as difficult in that regard, because we know wah we ah do, and when we get any result, ah because ah di work we put in. We can also regroup when we try somethin’ an’ it nuh work.”

But Darrio said moving on has had its drawbacks. He said some people simply don’t like the fact that he left the label, and they no longer deal with him.

But work has not slowed for the artiste.

“We have upcoming shows and an upcoming Jamaica tour. After mi leave Subkonshus, is not like I get less shows. I actually get more shows.” he said.

Darrio told THE STAR that he recently wrapped up a five-stop tour in Belize, with another coming up in April.

Kimberley Small – February 08, 2017 – The Star

Darrio was not beaten, viral photo is from a video shoot

Dancehall artiste Darrio is denying claims that have been surfacing online that he was severely beaten and left for dead by a river.

These posts were accompanied by a photo that shows a man who appears to have been mauled.

A statement from his publicist, Tallisa Taylor, confirmed that Darrio was indeed the person in the photo but rubbished all claims of an attack.

“We were made aware that several online sources have published stories that recording artiste @darriomusic was attacked and photos of him surfaced online. We would like to advise that those photos are indeed that of Darrio however they were taken on set of his recent video shoot for his single ‘Just For Living’,” the statement read.

And while many, including Darrio’s mom have since been worried, Taylor assured fans and well wishers that the School Fee deejay is safe and sound.

“Darrio is not hurt. He is okay. Several persons took photos on set of the shoot and shared them online causing the rumours to start,” she said.

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